Dreams and Healing

Aug 22, 2022 | Blog

Dreams and Healing

Dreams can play an important part in your healing journey as they are a window into the unconscious part of yourself. Often these dreams can be intense and shock us, and we walk around puzzled with intense feelings. In Jungian analysis, dreams are seen as a way to compensate for conscious thoughts and attitudes. In this way, the psyche is able to use dreams to self-regulate or compensate. Dream work is like art, we often don’t understand it at first but when we start to connect the dots with understanding the artist, their history, their technique we can see the whole image with their eyes. Dreams are the same process as at first we are frustrated, confused at times scared of what we see in them. It’s only when we break down the dream are we able to understand and this is done with curiously.

Steps below is a way for you to start making your own interpretation and connect deeper with yourself.

  1. Write the Dream in Detail
  2. Make Associations: This can be by looking at the symbology such as what a certain colour, image means to you. For example, if you saw the colour orange in your  dream this is associated with joy perhaps the dream is communicating where joy needs to be reconnected.
  3. Connect Dream Images to What’s Happening Internally: This can be looking at the feelings you have been experiencing lately.
  4. Interpret the Dream: This is where you get curious and allow yourself to explore different interpretations.
  5. Do a Ritual to Make the Dream Concrete: This can be done with journaling or creating some art and connecting deeper.

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