My Specialties & Services

Therapy is a chance for self-exploration. I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment with a variety of different techniques to address disturbances in your current situation.


Either in person or virtual sessions is just as effective. Support focuses on addressing psychological, behaviour and cognitive concerns/challenges. This is typically done after the consultation is conducted to ensure we are a match. Sessions range between 50-60 minutes and various techniques are used which are client specific.

Reiki/Energy Work

Reiki also known as energy work is a holistic modality where we address blockages which have occurred in the body also known as chakras. This typically happens if there has been trauma or simply emotions have not been processed. Energy work is conducted on a massage table, where there will be the use of various crystals, incents, herbs and sounds to re-align and re-centre the body. In doing so this would result in grounding and overall well-being.

The First Session

At the first session I will spend some time getting to know you, and we will talk about what brings you into therapy and to get a brief understanding of your background and past. It is necessary to have an account of the past as it will help to inform the present. In order for me to support you in the best possible way it would be helpful that I get to know what are your; past traumas, ability to deal with change and conflict, brief family history, areas of invalidation, success, strengths, fears, drug use history, relationships, etc. This is also where we will discuss various tools/supports which would be appropriate and suited to your situation.


Sessions are 60 minutes in length and fees range from $150- $220 per session plus HST. I offer a sliding scale space; please contact me to discuss the sliding scale availability. For those who are not familiar with a sliding scale it simply means you may be eligible for a reduced rate depending on your financial situation. I do believe that support should be accessible to all no mater your financial situation.

I currently have the ability for a limited caseload of clients, and I am looking for people who are committed to being held accountable and show up for each session. I ask that you give me 24 hours advanced notice to cancel your appointment. You can make payments for sessions by credit or e-transfer, I provide receipts for all payments. Please let me know ahead of time if you require a receipt for insurance purposes.

What Results Can I Expect?

This is difficult to predict as individuals are unique and complex;If you are willing to work towards change then results are bound to happen. Any type of change is often difficult and unsettling, even if it is change for the better, but willingness and commitment plays a large part in helping to foster change and growth.

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RP (Qualifying) psychotherapists are registrants of CRPO. They have completed or are nearing completion of their psychotherapy training. They are legally authorized to perform the controlled act of psychotherapy and are required to practise with clinical supervision as they gain experience in the profession.